About us

We are a family farm that deals with intense fruit production since 1992. We are located in the north of Backa in a village called Ljutovo that is 10 kilometers away from Subotica.

We have 22 acres of orchards, of which 10 acres are still young plantations and are not yet in their full bearing.

Our 22 acres is divided as followed:

  • 8 acres Cherry
  • 6 acres Apple
  • 5 acres Pear
  • 2 acres Quince
  • 1 acre Apricot

Our annual production of 1st class products is:

  • ~120t Apple
  • ~150t Pear
  • ~80t Cherry – for consumption
  • ~60t Apricot

In addition to the production of fruit, we have our own cold storage with the capacity of 350 tons.